Saxon Design Limited are a Birmingham(UK) based Exhibition Design and Build company. We provide our services throughout the UK, Europe and Rest of the World. We offer a range of solutions from one off 'build and burn' exhibits through to managing reusable customer owned displays that roam the world from venue to venue. We have produced displays and environments from 5m² to 500m² and believe that 'Big is Beautiful' but know that 'Small can be Stunning!'

Established 30 years ago we have grown to become a byword for innovative design and seamless delivery. Exceeding expectations and creating engaging displays. We are flexible enough to undertake one off projects but where we really excel is through a long term relationship where we get to fully understand the client's business objectives and provide informed solutions that work as a part of a greater marketing strategy.

Our Team

People are our most important asset, we provide them with a working environment that rewards success and motivates the desire to deliver. Whilst we take a pragmatic approach to all our client's briefs we like to encourage staff to inject their own enthusiasm and experience to achieve the unrivalled customer service that our clients count upon.

Environmental Policy

Saxon Design is committed to keeping the environmental impact of its day-to-day operations to a minimum by integrating environmental management as standard business practice across all exhibition and employee activities. The key points of Saxon's environmental policy are:

To achieve these objectives, Saxon Design is constantly exploring initiatives that provide practical solutions to environmental problems within the exhibition and event industry.

Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety policy aims to maintain a safe working environment for our employees in all locations. A full copy of this policy is available on request.