Saxon Design Limited are a UK based International Exhibition and Event Design Contractor formed over 30 years ago. We offer a full range of services from design concept through to on-site installation.

The Boeing Company have been a longstanding client and approached us in 2017 to devise a programme concept that could be installed at all of their Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul shows around the globe.


After consulting with the key stakeholders we proposed a scheme using existing and custom created printed graphics, video display, meeting and display areas to create a concept that was fully adaptable to different size booths whilst instantly recognisable as a Boeing exhibit.

Through a process of plans, visuals and 3-D renders we devised a simple and effective design where the main body of the design was based on some key common elements which were then either expanded or reduced based on the footprint taken at each event.


The programme has been hugely successful with completed projects at exhibitions in locations including in Amsterdam, Dubai, Frankfurt, London, Moscow, Singapore and Vietnam all reaching target audiences and providing strong customer recognition.

Boeing have requested to roll out the programme into 2024 with updated designs and layouts.

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