Saxon Design Limited are a UK based International Exhibition and Event Design Contractor formed over 30 years ago. We offer a full range of services from design concept through to on-site installation. TAG Aviation and subsequently Farnborough Airport have been a longstanding client and approached us in 2000 initially to design and install a business chalet for the Farnborough Airshow.

The relationship has flourished with Saxon delivering booth and chalet design in Farnborough, Geneva, Dubai and the US since then.


Over the 20+ year timescale Tag Aviation and Farnborough
Airport’s needs have evolved from smaller booths with open meeting areas to larger meeting room focused spaces.

What has always been consistent is a need to convey a premium product and offering through designs that borrow from the architecture of their buildings, aircraft and lounges.


Saxon have delivered numerous projects around the globe which have always conveyed the quality of the customer offering whilst functioning as an effective space to do business.

As Farnborough Airport and Tag Aviation have been passed into new ownership and become separate entities Saxon have retained both as clients….. now providing our designs and services to both for shows around the globe .

If you’re looking for a full turnkey exhibition supplier, send us an email to discuss your requirements….